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Bringing your ideas to life with C&C Milano rugs

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Create your custom hand knotted rug, over to 200 colours to choose from

Please note: this feature is available only for wool, silk and outdoor carpets . All the other materials are supplied in classic colours.


Although rugs are often among the last things we consider when decorating our home, even if they sit under our feet they are as important as what hangs on the walls and should not be overlooked. A rug can make a great feature, a sophisticated piece of decoration that can completely change the character of the ...

room, dictating the entire mood without too much effort. You can choose to revive an old room by adding a splash of colour or a beautiful texture with a C&C Milano luxury rug. 

Our hand-woven kilim rugs are made in Iran from 100% natural wool and come in a large variation of colours, obtained using natural pigments. Characterized by a strong, vibrant texture, our rugs are very easy to clean and are perfect for all kind of spaces, from modern apartments to boutique hotels, villas and country homes. 

Most of our silk rugs are handmade using the snake knot technique and have around 120.000 knots per square metre. We propose an antique finishing to our silk rugs because it balances the shine and shimmer, it goes well with our entire aesthetic and can easily be incorporated in both modern and classic designs.

Order your customized rug design, the possibilities are unlimited:

  • you can start from an existing C&C Milano rug template and change certain elements that go with your scheme, use different variations of the design, add borders, use interesting colour combinations or request a completely different pattern/ layout.

  • specify the shape, all the dimensions, select the colours (you can opt for one of our existing colour swatches or bring your own colour samples). A CAD drawing will be made free of charge with all the specifications.

  • once the technical drawing is approved, we can order a strike-off (woven sample measuring 15x15 cm for plain and 40x40 cm for pattern) This will give a preview of the design, scale and colour of your rug

  • after the strike-off is approved we start the production. A custom-made order takes between 3 and 6 months to execute. This may vary depending on the weave (knot count), number of colours used, how elaborate the design is and the size of the rug. Please factor in time for transport as well.

  • like all handmade products, our rugs are unique and no two items are exactly alike, so we advise to expect a 10% variation in colour, texture, proportion. This is part of the reason our rugs are one-of-a-kind products.

C&C Milano has several collections of rugs for every taste, any look or environment. One of our most interesting rugs are hand-knotted in Nepal and have a contemporary look. They are characterized by rough sophisticated textures, complimented by clean lines and a very soft touch. They are made out of hemp, cactus and cashmere and are appropriate for both modern loft apartments and traditional country homes.

We like to find solutions for all the areas of your house and that’s why we also have an outdoor rug collection. This water-resistant rug collection is very easy to clean and comes in natural colours and a large variation of textures.

All our products were designed to work together and enhance each other. We use our own colour palette and we have our own representative motifs that can be found on many fabrics, wallpapers and of course in a collection of rugs as well. 

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