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Looking for timeless luxury? Our distinctive fine silk is your answer.

Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres and recently voted the strongest protein fibre. Interesting fact, some silks are five times stronger than steel. Not only tough, silk has a non-slippery soft texture, compared to other smooth synthetic textiles. It is lightweight, takes dye very well and retains its shape. All these qualities make silk one the favourite fabrics amongst interior designers, the go-to fabric for luxury interiors.

C&C Milano silks are available in different finishes and blends. We kept the same refined colour palette across all our collections, in this way you can easily mix and match different fabrics. If you are looking for a raw silk with a bold textured finish, ‘Pantheon’ or ‘Pangea’ are great options. We created an extraordinary silk collection with a cashmere touch, named ‘Linus’, from 100% silk, available in plain and also in a C&C Milano representative pattern, ‘Linus Carciofino’.

Indulge yourself in a splendid collection of silk and linen blend, ’Magic Lino’ has a refined texture and it’s one of our favourite blends for high-end projects. Linen is extremely strong, specially when wet and together with silk they form an unbeatable beautiful lustre.

We use silk textile for the decoration on the entire house, especially when creating our finished product, like bedcovers, throws, blankets, cushions. It gives us so much pleasure in knowing we can create individual handmade items with such a refined fibre for people to relish.

Our bespoke silk rugs complete your decoration and give it that extra touch of luxury.


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