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Luxury Table Linens

Create a stylish look for your home with C&C Milano table linen options.

When we envision an amazing dining experience, we often think of the Danish film ‘Babette’s Feast’, a spectacular meal, prepared with love and generosity, an act of appreciation made to bring people together in harmony and happiness. Impossible to forget, is the elegantly decorated table with the refined, luxury tablecloth. The incredible experience was made possible, as a result of exquisite food and beautiful table decoration. Throwing an elegant dinner involves a lot of preparation and an artistic eye. Choosing the right table linens that go with the theme of the party, the meal, ...

the entire aesthetic of the room, it’s not as easy as some may think. 

Table setting is an art. Dining etiquette has an important role in our lives, dating back to the eleventh century, to the days of chivalry and knights-errant. It’s true that each culture has different rules and table manners, each person has also its own standards, but we are here to make sure we help all our clients have unforgettable dinner events. From basic, casual to formal table settings, we have the best fabric selection for your table linen.

Our impressive collection of linens, embodies both sophisticated and relaxed looks. Available in an impressive variation of colour and texture, our fabrics can be used on their own or in conjunction with other decorative elements, like trims or embroidery to make the perfect luxury table linens. 

The days when a tablecloth was white and plain are long gone. Now we want to create unique table linen designs, unusual sizes and shapes, intricate motifs, elegant patterns and fun colour combinations. We have a talented team of Italian artisans, happy to transform your ideas into reality. We are always excited to work with creative clients, open-minded and experimental.

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