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C&C Milano has an impressive fabric collection. From romantic linens, to refined silks, soft cottons, contract velvet, wool, a huge outdoor selection and a variety of fabric blends, there is a fabric for every project. We understand the selection process can be overwhelming and for this reason our home décor specialists are here to assist you and make sure you leave with the right product for you needs. 

Each fabric collection has a unique colour palette. We are strong believers that colours play a fundamental role in decorating a space. Colours are associated with energy, they are considered to be stimulating, or soothing and have a great impact on people’s state of mind. It is important to know the benefits and psychological effects of colours. Our home décor consultants are colour experts and are here to help you unriddle all the messages behind each shade.

C&C Milano has some of the world’s most luxurious fabrics. Our high-end collections of wool, cashmere, silk blends and linens are made by the best craftsmen in Italy. All our products are made to perfection. We want to make sure clients know all the unique aspects of each particular fabric and use them to their full potential. We want to take part in your design journey, advise on the characteristics of each textile, their main role and their limitations.

All our flagship showrooms have a team of experienced and highly trained design consultants. Even if you are an interior designer yourself it’s always an advantage in working with a specialist that will have the capacity to immediately understand what you are looking for and filter your options. We can help you find replacement fabrics, complete your mood board and ensure the ordering process goes smoothly. 


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