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What are the rules to follow when selecting fabrics for different purposes?

A fabric can create optical illusions, transforming a confined space into an airy and elegant home. You can choose the style you want to decorate your room in, using our fabrics to enhance certain features. Weather you prefer a whimsical and romantic look, a minimalist and functional space or a bold and colourful design, our wide range of fabrics offers a large selection for any taste.

Our broad spectrum of fabrics includes LINEN, WOOL, CASHMERE, SILK, COTTON, ...

href="/fabrics/leather">LEATHER, ACRYLIC. Each fabric has a story to tell and it’s tailored to fit the most luxurious taste. Our collections are carefully designed by talented artists and manufactured to the highest standards, closely monitoring the entire process. We strive to build a great relationship between designer, craftsman and client.

C&C Milano is famous for having the largest and most lavish collection of linen. We particularly love linen because of its versatility, it works beautifully with silk and wool and it’s one of the best long-lasting fibre ever made. Our fabrics can be rustic but very sophisticated at the same time. Besides linen, we are particularly interested in wool and cashmere and offer some exquisite designs that we use a lot in our finished product and accessories range. Velvet is also a fixture in our projects. Our velvets cover from natural to contract qualities, including solution died acrylic and 100% cotton. We encourage our clients to play with different fabrics, textures and patterns and most of all, always have fun when designing a space. Don’t limit yourself to one type of textile, be creative and experiment! 

Contrasts and combinations

C&C Milano has a wide colour palette, from refined pastels to rich, vibrant textiles, from delicate plains, gradually adding splashes of colour on whimsical motifs to dramatic contrasts. All our fabric collections are communicating via pattern and colour coordination. They are created to beautifully combine and complement each other.  You can find carefully selected colour schemes for the entire home, from heavy upholstery qualities to voiles. Our luxury linen bed sheets harmonize with our curtain fabric, ribbons and trims.

We want our clients to enjoy designing their home and have a special experience, that’s why we made their work easier by organizing our fabrics by type and colour. The range is so vast that is impossible not to find the right item. Our enormous variety of neutral linen, suitable for almost any environment is accompanied by beautiful prints

C&C Milano is supporting its designers with multiple natural fabrics for their residential projects as well as many FIRE RETARDANT for contract use. We created a wallcovering collection to match the existing fabrics we do, in this way your overall concept ties together effortlessly. Our indoor – outdoor fabrics are specially created for your garden and outdoor areas. They too are closely linked to the main collection and the same elements or colours flow beautifully from your bed linen, curtains to your garden sitting area. 

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