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C&C Milano outdoor textiles, make the most of your outdoor living room!

We know how important outdoor spaces are, especially during the summer days. Whether you are one of the lucky ones to live in a house with a huge garden and maybe even a swimming pool or you reside in a flat with a balcony and try to make the most of your limited space, we are here to inspire you and offer the best solutions for your outdoor spaces. 

Large garden design solutions

Along the years we have had all types of outdoor projects and each one had its own challenges. You ...

might think that a generous outdoor area it’s the best thing in the world. Most of the time we agree, but it also comes with many ups and downs. You may have more possibilities to let your imagination run wild, in the same time you have to make sure your space is coherent, wisely organised, pay careful attention to screening and zoning. Taking in consideration the shape and the position of your garden, you should think about screening areas to create separate ‘rooms’. 

It’s important to know what you want to use your garden for; do you love hosting parties and you want to create a dining area and maybe an outdoor living room where your friends and family can have fun and relax, or do you love swimming, or sunbathing and prefer having a private pool.  On Sundays, you might want to enjoy your morning coffee outdoors in a simple seating area. If you are a passionate reader, you deserve a small secluded oasis, a comfortable sofa shadowed by a maple tree, where you could lose track of time reading your favourite novel. For every scenario mentioned, we have the perfect outdoor fabric that will go with the character of your space. 

Whether you want to create a contrast between certain spaces, be adventurous with colour and pattern, or you prefer to corelate the indoor curtains with the outdoor upholstery, creating a seamless flow between the areas, we have the perfect fabric selection. Our outdoor fabrics are so refined, worthy to grace both your indoor living areas and your outdoor garden. 

Small gardens and terraces

If you have a cottage garden, a long and narrow garden, or just a terrace it’s more important then ever to make the most of what is available to you. Don’t be afraid to use bright colours for your outdoor cushions. Play with texture and add an extra dose of sophistication to your outdoor furniture. Use upholstery fabric that will make a statement! You might not be able to fit a day bed or a sun lounger, but you can go for folding furniture and make custom-made chair cushions with removable covers. If you select the right C&C Milano fabric it will look like a chic bistro garden. Our main goal is to make your outdoor space the perfect combination between incredible aesthetic and functionality. 

C&C Milano showcases a range of outdoor fabrics with multiple functionalities: upholstery, cushions, decorative purposes and curtains. If you want an outdoor curtain to separate two areas in your balcony, or you are looking for a romantic privacy curtain for your gazebo, choose your stylish outdoor curtain fabric from an amazing selection.

Welcome to your outdoor paradise!

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