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Take a look at our beautiful cotton collection available in various styles

Cotton has many great characteristics that make it popular in the textile industry. Some examples worth mentioning are its durability, softness and breathability. For this reason, cotton is often used for home décor, upholstery, curtains, carpets, the list goes on. 

Probably the most popular natural fabric, cotton is a soft staple fibre derived from cotton plants and is composed of pure cellulose. One of the most versatile textiles, cotton is highly absorbent that is why we frequently use it to make terrycloth for bath towels and robes and it’s extremely soft which makes it ideal for bed linens. Because of its absorbency, cotton takes dye very well and it’s made into an enormous variety of colours.

C&C Milano has fabrics made from 100% cotton as well as many collections that blend cotton with other fibres. We love the combination of cotton with linen and we produced fabrics that benefit from the properties of both. We created a blend that is strong and light and retains head effectively without creasing. 

Our collection of cottons come in different qualities, we have excellent upholstery fabric, beautiful textures for curtains, the best quality terry for bath linens, the finest type of cotton for bedding, as well as a variety of  double width quilted throws.  

C&C Milano prides itself with a unique colour palette inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, dusty blues, delicate greens, but also dynamic reds, many shades of yellow, burnt orange and the largest selection of naturals. We look forward to helping you choose the best colour combination for your sanctuary. 

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