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Who wouldn’t enjoy a SPA luxury break surrounded by lavish linens?

You might be tempted to say that most SPA resorts are the same. We understand there are many rules and regulations they need to comply with and they can look quite similar, but there are a few essential aspects that make a few of them stand out. Some of these features are given by the products they use such as, the fluffy towels, the luxury robes, even the bed linen. 

C&C Milano collaborates with some of the most extravagant SPA’s, suppling bespoke luxury towels, monogramed bathrobes, refined spa table linens ...

and bedding. When you talk about natural fabrics for contract use, you speak the language of C&C Milano. Our service is impeccable, we have a team of talented designers working together with our brilliant artisans to deliver the most refined linens. The attention to detail makes us popular amongst interior designers. We have a great relationship with all our clients.

C&C Milano enjoys working with SPA’s for finished product items. We use high-quality absorbent terry to make luxury bath sets, adding delicate handmade finishes. The more creative our clients allow us the be, the more spectacular the end result is. We customise our bathrobes, towels and bed linens with monograms or the business logo, adding a different level of sophistication. Personalized items will increase the value of the SPA experience. C&C Milano offers slippers and bags to store personal items, all matching the rest of the fabrics. 

Your brand’s image is important to us and we understand the positive impact of having distinctive textiles that make a company be easily recognizable only by seeing a specific texture, a personalized embroidery or a rare colour combination.

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