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The finest and most valuable wool in a variation of colours and textures.

Wool customizable accessories

Wool is a natural fibre obtained from sheep, goat, muskox, bison and other similar animals. It has a distinct chemical property, compared to other popular textiles like, cotton or linen, made mostly of cellulose, wool contains protein and lipids. Follicles, cells from the skin generate wool. They produce three types of fibres: medullated fibres, kemp and true wool fibres. The crimp of wool holds air, causing the fabric to retain heat. 

Wool is an amazing insulator; its thermal resistance inhibits heat transfer and makes it an extraordinary textile for upholstery and curtains. Because of this property the top best 5star hotels love using wools, a luxury natural fibre, naturally fire retardant, offering a great level of fire safety. 

Wool is the perfect fabric to use for classic and contemporary interiors, because it comes in a wide range of colours and finishes. C&C Milano loves working with wool and showcases different qualities of luxury wool:

  • Light weight wool for privacy curtains and sheers – ‘Pandora’, ‘Avalon’, ‘Baltico’, ‘Camelot’

  • Medium weight wool for curtains and cushions – ‘Gstaad’, ‘Levico’, ‘Meluno’

  • Heavy weight wool for upholstery and curtains – ‘Molveno’, ‘Cervinia’, ‘Carmencita’

  • Embroidery for spectacular decorative items, accent cushions - ‘Vogue’, ‘Tempestine’

We encourage our designers to work with natural fibres for both residential and commercial projects. One of their favourite sustainable fibres is wool and for this reason our wool collection expands every year. We have many wool blends as well, ‘Miguel’ is one worth mentioning as the most popular collection among top designers.

C&C Milano has a sophisticated collection of wool blankets, throws, cushions, carpets and rugs. We love using wool and cashmere in our handmade finished product. Each piece is unique and made with love and care by our Italian artisans.

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