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Hotel Luxury Linens

If it’s a luxury hotel it must have C&C Milano bed linens!

One of the main things most hotel clients do when they enter their room is lay on the bed and have a loosening moment. They expect the bed to be comfortable, an oasis of pure pleasure and joy. The bed linens play an essential role in the evaluation of a hotel’s standards. If you enjoy reading your favourite book with your head on a soft pillow, from time to time peeping through the window at the beautiful landscape, then you understand how important luxury linens are. Some people prefer making the most of their ...

hotel bathrobe, spending a lot of the time in the hotel’s spa or around the pool area. For them the quality of their towels is definitely important. We could not agree more with all situations and for this reason we created a spectacular range of luxury hotel linens. 

Our hotel bedding collection aims to surprise and impress even the most experienced interior designer. We offer a fully bespoke linen selection that is perfect for any commercial project, as well as residential. If you are looking for inspiration, our designers have put together a Home Collection Catalogue with a wide range of sophisticated designs. Each of our suggested patterns can be customizable: we can add monograms on the bed sheets or the duvet covers,  we can use a delicate embroidery on the pillow cases, or we could even match the bed linen sticking type and colour to the detailing on the bathrobes and towels

The hotel restaurant is another important area that most guests remember. Every single element in the room is significant to us, from the tablecloth to the cocktail napkins, tablemats and table runners. From a top luxury hotel, you should expect the finest table linen as well. C&C Milano showcases a bespoke table linen selection. All the designs are made using high end quality fabrics by our talented team of Italian artisans. The finishing touches are made to perfection and checked several times before shipping. 

Before entering your hotel room, one textile that usually ‘welcomes’ you first is the carpet. Carpets and rugs are very often the focal point of the hotel lobby or the hallways. They can have the hotel logo on them, be simple and discrete or colourful, having modern features. We invite you to navigate through our incredible range of handmade carpets. All the designs are made to order and can be fully customizable. 

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