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Eco- friendly and ‘Eco-Chic’

Discover our eco-friendly fabrics and the fascinating production process

At C&C Milano we make it our personal responsibility to support and encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle. The company is producing its own green energy, using environmentally safe resources. We have a culture for recycling and try using bio degradable products as much as possible. From our way of living to the products we sell, sustainability has been a part of our companies’ identity for over 150 years. We try to minimize the generation of fabric waste by storing all the fabric cuts and using them in the making of samples or small decorative items. Our tailoring workshop recycles on a daily basis huge quantity of fabric. We believe in a waste free future and we want to increase awareness amongst clients and fellow company owners.

At least 90% of our fabrics are made of natural fibres. We are one of the most famous linen suppliers and we have made a name for ourselves as being the number one linen specialist in the world. Our linen is grown in Europe and it’s made of 100% high quality European flax. 

C&C Milano is notable, not only for the impressive natural fabric collection, but also for the unique finished product range. We are committed to transform your textiles into works of art and we feature a beautiful bedding catalogue with one-of-a-kind bedcovers and throws. From 2020, C&C Milano introduced an exclusive eco-friendly padding, made out of recycled cashmere. This revolutionary product adds warmth without creating too much volume, it’s extremely light and probably the most luxurious filling ever used. 

Join us in making the world of textiles a place of long-lasting beauty with a high regard for the environment.


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