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Prints are the most accessible methods to personalize your textiles.

The care and thought you put into co-ordinating your outfit, the rules you’re guided by when putting textures and colours together apply not only to clothing but also to interior design. Printed fabric is everywhere around us, regularly used in the fashion industry and in the world of interiors for most soft furnishing.

It might be the Chinese people who invented the first method of textile printing, but the Italians have definitely mastered the art of print. Our printed fabric collections are true works of art. C&C Milano presents printed qualities for upholstery use, curtains, cushions, outdoor and fire retardant. The incredible versatility of our printed textiles is recognised amongst interior designers.

C&C Milano is an eco-friendly company, that built a reputation for using natural fibres, encouraging recycling, has strong beliefs that nothing should go to waste, so there is no surprise that our textiles are an ode to sustainability. Our printing methods are unique, a combination of traditional printing technique and new contemporary methods. The inspiration for our designs come from absorbing the beauty of classical elements of Italian architecture. Our prints are refined and intricate, without being too loud, maintaining the same elegant C&C Milano aesthetic. 

With every printed fabric there is a plain option to match or complement. The fabrics we use the most for showcasing our prints is linen and velvet. Both luxury textiles absorb dye well and maintain their ‘pose’ when printed. We look forward to welcoming you in our inspirational showrooms to present our fabric designs and support you with your scheme.

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