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Introducing C&C Milano’s charming and sumptuous collection of velvets.

Velvet is one of the most famous luxury fabrics tracing back 2000 years BCE, when the Egyptians made pile weaves from linen and silk resembling velvet. Later on, around 400 BCE, the Chinese produced the closest resemblance of today’s velvet. Since the Renaissance period, Europe and Italy in particular, was renowned for having the most skilled velvet weavers. Influential families, like the Medici supported silk weavers and commissioned an impressive quantity of velvets. 

Velvet used to be seen as a classic fabric that embodies the idea of refined, pure luxury. It was the most accessible fabric amongst other sophisticated textiles; used a lot for curtains and upholstery when decorating palaces, majestic villas and sumptuous houses. Contemporary interior designers have changed people’s mentality about velvet being suitable only for classic looks and have given it a modern twist. Nowadays you can find velvet in the most unusual colours and patterns. You should not be surprised if you see a Bauhaus sofa in a modern penthouse, or a velvet headboard in an Art Deco bedroom.

C&C Milano successfully incorporated a versatile collection of velvets made by the best Italian artisans, targeting commercial and residential projects. We showcase a variety of styles, from heavy velvets with a high rub count, perfect for upholstery, to softer velvets with a lot of fluidity for curtains, cushions and other decorative elements.

Our velvets, as all our fabrics, are made to the highest standards. We use velvets for our finished product in combination with other lush fabrics like silk or linen

Some of our most popular velvet collections used by interior designers are: 

  • ‘Fauno’ (29% Cotton 62% Mohair 9% Polyeste) & ‘Fenice’ (100% Cotton) – heavy use upholstery

  • ‘Mito’ (91% Cotton 9% Cashmere), ‘Doge’ (63% Acetate 37% Viscose), ‘Pegaso’ (100% Polyester) – curtains and cushions

  • ‘Riva’ (100% Solution Dyed Acrilic) – outdoor

  • ‘Giove’ (100% Trevira CS) – contract upholstery

One look at the luxurious texture, amazing depth of colour, matt and shiny reflections and you will never want to look anywhere else for the perfect velvet quality.

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