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The Christmas living room

The study

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The terrace

C&C Milano - The children's room

The children's room

C&C Milano - The bedchamber

The bedchamber

C&C Milano - The dining room

The dining room

C&C Milano - The living room

The living room

C&C Milano - The entrance

The entrance

Moodboard Granato


C&C Milano Atelier green

Atelier green

C&C Milano Atelier petrol

Atelier petrol

C&C Milano Atelier anthracite

Atelier anthracite

C&C Milano Atelier Collection brick

Atelier brick

Moodboard Periwinkle


Moodboard Calcedonio


Moodboard Ametista


Moodboard Sugilite


Moodboard Kunzite


Moodboard Rodonite


Moodboard Rubino


Moodboard Agata


Moodboard Corniola


Moodboard Ambra


Moodboard Dolomite


Moodboard Opale


Moodboard Perla


Moodboard Nefrite


Moodboard Avventurina


Moodboard Malachite


Moodbord Acquamarina


 Moodboard Topazio


Moodboard Zaffiro


 Moodboard Quarzo


Moodboard Onice


Colours are expression. 

How lovely is to wake up in a room that has a dash of colour to make you sleep peacefully as well as to re-stimulate activity. To shape the perfect ambience C&C Milano offer their clients a vast range of textiles, accessories and complements to mix together.

To achieve the perfect atmosphere you can use your favourite colours on a large wall and ceiling areas or immediately behind the bed to give a sense of cosiness and security. An upholstered furniture can be also the colour accent in the space. C&C Milano has a vast collection of heavy weight linens, ...

cottons and wools perfect to decorate bed frames and headboards in tone with the room. Instead if you want to make the bed stand out from the rest of the colour scheme you can choose from many bedlinen models and dress up your bed in the iconic C&C Milano style.

Other super important focuses in the decoration scheme are accessories, floors and curtains. C&C Milano offers their client a refined selection of handmade accessories, such as cashmere throws, woollen blankets and decorative cushions, just to name a few. Every accessory is fully customisable and tailored to the client's requests in terms of fabric choice, colours, finishings and embroideries.

An other indispensable feature in a design project is a warm handmade rug. C&C Milano provides many different types of rugs. The Kilim carpet collection, made in wool or silk, is hand knotted in 51 shades of colours obtained from natural pigments. C&C Milano presents also hand woven and flat woven rugs in cashmere, linen, and wool combined with some innovative and eco-friendly fibres such as hemp, cactus and aloe. The latest addition to the rugs collection are some gorgeous and high performances outdoor rugs perfect to decorate both interiors than outside spaces seamlessly.

Last but not least, some fine curtains will frame the light entering the room creating a unique atmosphere. C&C Milano textile collection features some of the best fabrics for draperies both in classical and timeless plain linens than in sophisticated wools and shimmering silks. C&C Milano offers also a fine selection of embroidered fabrics to tailor the most elegant curtains ever.

C&C Milano wants to take part in your design journey and help you to achieve the best result. When it comes to decoration C&C Milano can provide your with a fully tailored total look for your home. 

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